Apr 01 2013

You’re A Little Late, I’m Already Torn


I need to exorcise some things, sometimes. So here is my way of doing it. It’s not pretty, it’s not appealing, it’s not fluffy, but well, it’s not supposed to be. Those doodles were done very quickly during lunch pauses, revolving obviously around the same themes : food, weight, body image, self-hatred. Let’s just say I’m struggling for a long time, and well, this is a recurring subject in my life. Everybody has their demons, these are mines. I deal with it the way I can, one day at a time. Maybe one day I’ll finally be fine, at last.
Here’s to foolish hopes.

A photograph from Miss Buffet Froid, long time ago, left it’s print on my mind.
Years later, I still relate to it deeply.


Radio Silence

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