Dec 09 2013

Swim swim Submarine!

Today, just a little post about what I’m doing at school at the moment. I’m working on a very interesting project, with Jules & Camille, and we have to create a trailer for a game in 3D. The deadline being very soon, just before Christmas holidays, we’re rushing and trying to do our best in the short time that we have. Here are some of the concept arts I did in order to find out what we wanted our game to look like.


Our game is about a little yellow submarine, who tried to steal a treasure buried deep in the ocean, and by doing so, has awaken a gigantic and angry kraken. The submarine, which is made of glass and very fragile, now has to flee away from it, and get out of reach, alive.
I had genuine fun creating those, and even though I didn’t spend much time on them (because we had to deliver quite fast), I’m still overall happy with the result, and enjoyed playing with colors a lot.
Well, now back to 3D modeling and animation \o/

Radio Silence

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