Mar 02 2013

Stupid Face

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There, I’m being productive, dear lord! Another try at Photoshop, this time, from sketch to final form, all done on it. It was long, but I think I’m seriously overdoing it sometimes. Especially while doing the line, I was really obsessed at getting it done right, and being overly meticulous. And even now, I’m still not completely satisfied, but hey, if I keep trying, I might get faster and do it better. Or at least I hope so.

So yeah, a new header based on that little portrait, supposed to look like me. A more beautiful version than the real one, for sure. And a new icon on the left, because I love drinking tea a bit too much, and I basically rely on cups of tea every time I work. Or play. Or do anything at all, actually. I might redo that icon with traditional tools this time, I feel like it could bring a little something that is actually missing right now to make me satisfied about it.
Anyway, back to work, because the workload I have lately, is quite important, as usual~

Radio Silence

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